Oral Surgery

If you need more intensive treatment, Dr. JD Desai offers oral surgery in Tucker, Georgia.

Oral surgeries are surgical dental procedures that require more rigorous care. The purpose of these treatments is to strengthen areas of the mouth, including bone structure and soft tissue. This helps restore the health and aesthetic appearance of your smile. Many of these treatments are conservative, but some may require additional care, depending on your dental needs. At Lavista Park Family Dentistry, our oral surgery treatments include:

Many of our oral surgeries are conducted at our office; however, we also collaborate with other dental professionals and specialists to help achieve, long-term, high-quality results. Our dentist will work closely with you to determine your dental needs and create a treatment plan that with help you gain a healthy, beautiful smile.

If you need oral surgery, we are determined to help you achieve optimal oral health as quickly and comfortably as possible. Call our office at 770-493-9992 to learn more and schedule a consultation with us.