Your Teeth and Your Snacks

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You probably know that following a balanced diet is very important if you want good oral health. Similarly, you may also know that some foods, such as candy and cookies, can hurt the health of your teeth. Conversely, did you know that other foods can help your oral health?

For instance, you may know that you should be consuming calcium in your daily diet if you want to keep your teeth healthy. Similarly, it is common knowledge that milk is a good source of calcium. However, did you know that the mineral calcium can strengthen the protective outer layer of your teeth, also known as enamel? On the other hand, food and drinks that are high in acids may actually weaken this protective layer of your teeth.

You should also include phosphorous in your diet. Phosphorus is the second most common mineral in your body after calcium. Foods with phosphorus in them can help to replace the minerals that were washed away by acid. Foods like nuts and meats are typically high in phosphorous. Nuts are also useful because they are high in calcium as well as phosphorus.

If you follow a balanced diet, your children will be more likely to as well. However, sometimes it can be difficult to persuade your child to eat healthy foods. We recommend offering foods such as a low-fat yogurt that has berries in it, crunchy vegetables with a dip, watermelon, or cheese with apples.

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