Your Smile Depends on Taking Care of Your Damaged and Broken Teeth

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Dental crowns are a highly effective tooth restoration treatment that can improve the look and function of your smile by placing a cap over a tooth completely concealing it. Dental crowns are celebrated for their durability and customization, allowing a tooth that is broken or damaged to remain safe and even function properly once more. For a list of the spectacular benefits that dental crowns can offer, please see the following:

— Crowns can effectively take teeth out of harm’s way of ailments such as tooth decay and staining.

— Dental crowns can take teeth that have broken apart and seal them together.

— Dental bridges, implants, fillings, and root canals can all benefit fro the additional protection offered by dental crowns.

— If you are looking for a tooth restoration treatment with longevity, dental crowns have been noted to last two decades up to an entire lifetime of use.

— Some teeth may be too badly damaged or worn away to hold a dental filling in place, but dental crowns can help.

Our team at Lavista Park Family Dentistry specializes in a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to suit all your needs, including dental crowns. If you would like an oral exam by Dr. Ayesha Rahman or Dr. Raymond Johnson, please schedule an appointment to come see us in Tucker, Georgia. We can be reached at (770)-939-5122. Your smile depends on taking care of your teeth, and we are here to help you get the healthy smile of your dreams!