What Are the Advantages of Water Flossing?

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Water flossing is an alternative oral health care cleaning tool that can clean between teeth. It is often compared to dental floss because of its ability to remove food particles and residue from between teeth easily and effectively. Rather than using threaded floss though, a water flosser uses a device that sprays streams of water at teeth to wash away the debris.

Water flossers work by spraying water directly into your mouth to clean between teeth. It is highly effective and can wash away harmful debris including bacteria, plaque, harmful acids, and food debris as the beam of water is strong and precise to accomplish this crucial task. Furthermore, water flossers are more effective for older individuals who struggle using traditional dental floss.

When selecting a water flosser, use a product recommended by your dentist or one with the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The seal is given by the American Dental Association for products that reach ideal levels of health, safety, and effectiveness.

Some dental procedures can make cleaning between teeth arduous or difficult. This includes for treatments such as dental bridges, implants, dentures, veneers, crowns, and orthodontic braces and aligners. Water flossers may be able to clean areas that traditional floss cannot if these treatments are in place.

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