The Teenager’s Guide to Optimum Oral Health

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The teenager’s guide to optimum oral health begins with ensuring the right steps are taken to protect themselves at all times, and even more so during times of high risk. Because we tend to be a bit more cavalier in our ways as young adults, it is easy to lose track of optimum oral health habits, and set ourselves up for oral accidents to occur. Although brushing, flossing, and yearly checkups are important to stave off tooth decay and gum disease, the greater concerns may be the dangers to our teeth and gums that come from external sources.

Contact sports and high adrenaline activities are extremely popular among teens. Although these activities can be rewarding and teach many life lessons, it is important to always ensure proper safety gear is worn to protect your teeth. This can include mouth guards, helmets, and facemasks.

Teenagers are most at risk for issues with their wisdom teeth because the teenage years are typically the years when they grow in. If they do not fully grow in properly or if they place additional pressure on surrounding teeth, they may need to be removed.

Although mouth jewelry may be worn by teenagers to be more acceptable and cool to their friends, metal jewelry in the mouth is often a recipe for disaster. These objects can cut gums or chip and crack teeth. Additional risks include infectious diseases such as hepatitis or endocarditis, or in some cases, the jewelry may be a choking hazard.

Some additional risks for tooth decay and gum disease includes: sugary drinks and foods, smoking or chewing tobacco, and recreational drugs. If you would like additional information on how to protect the teeth and gums of a teen, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ayesha Rahman call us at (770)-939-5122 to schedule a visit to our office in Tucker, Georgia. The smile of your dreams is only a visit away!