The Advantages of a Dental Bonding Treatment

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Dental bonding uses a durable composite resin and porcelain materials to repair damaged smiles. Consider other advantages that dental bonding can offer you:

– Dental bonding treatments can be color-matched to the exact shade of your teeth.
– Dental bonding uses the same material that can treat cavities. Unlike dental amalgams, which show off a metallic sheen, composite resin can blend in seamlessly with the natural color of your teeth.
– Dental bonding treatments are applied directly to the face of your teeth for a solid hold that can improve both their look and function and repair any stains.
– Dental bonding treatments are often used to treat tooth survivors of oral accidents and injuries. Injuries include cracks, splits, and fractures.
– Dental bonding can also treat minor spacing issues between teeth.
–Dental bonding treatments are simple and can be completed in a single appointment.
–Dental bonding is durable and will last anywhere from five to ten years.

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