Lavista Park Family Dentistry is pleased to offer you a high-tech dental experience to increase the comfort and convenience of your dental appointment. Our state-of-the-art technology benefits our front office performance as much as our quality dental care.

At Lavista Park Family Dentistry, Drs. Rahman and Johnson use an electronic claim system in order to increase the speed and efficiency of our financial process. By utilizing electronic claims, our dental team can process insurance claims faster and allow for both the dentist and patient to verify that the payment was made correctly and accurately. Due to the speed and availability of information, any errors can be addressed quickly and directly to make sure both patient and practice are satisfied with the results.

These electronic claims are also confidential and secure, allowing our patients to feel safe providing their information in an electronic format. With both the patient and our office using the same software, we can ensure that everyone is receiving the service and information they need.

Electronic claims benefit all involved. To learn more about our electronic claims in Tucker, Georgia, and to experience the convenience they provide, please call our office at 770-939-5123 and speak to a friendly member of our staff. We also invite you to schedule your next appointment with our dentists!