Oral Health Care Year in Review: Tooth Replacements

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No matter what your oral health care is like, there is a chance that you may suffer an oral accident or injury at some point in time in your life. Even if you have a tooth knocked out, or are in line for a tooth extraction, there are numerous tooth replacements that exist that can easily fill out your smile once more. Consider the following options:

Dentures – For a removable tooth replacement option, dentures are a great choice. Dentures can be designed for as little as one tooth or an entire row of teeth. Due to the ease at which dentures can be taken out, they can easily be cleaned every night. Furthermore, dentures can be crafted for your exact dental impression to ensure they will blend in with the rest of your natural teeth.

Dental bridges – If you are looking for a permanent tooth replacement, consider the advantages of dental bridges. Dental bridges are highly effective tooth prosthetics that can easily replicate the look of natural teeth. They are connected to your mouth by placing them in the areas where missing teeth once were and linking them to nearby and neighboring teeth.

Dental implants – Dental implants function as permanent tooth replacements. Dental implants are installed directly into your jawbone for a durable hold that can subsist for a lifetime of support. However, if your jaw is too weak or frail, and cannot support a dental implant, a bone grafting procedure may be required.

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