Caring for Your Smile With Bruxism Treatments

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One oral health condition that often goes on detected is bruxism. Bruxism occurs when an individual grinds and gnashes their teeth unconsciously. This often occurs when that person is sleeping. Sleep bruxism can take place over many years before it is eventually noticed. However, severe damage can occur if it is not treated in time, so it is important to always look for signs and indicators of bruxism so that it can be properly treated.

Soreness within your mouth is an indication of bruxism, which can include a heightened tooth sensitivity or a general feeling of dull pain in your facial area, which can include jaw and muscle pain. Increased tooth sensitivity when you wake up or if you cannot fully open and close your mouth, are signs associated with bruxism. For additional help with treating bruxism, visit your dentist to learn more about appliances such as mouth guards or bite plates.

There some visual indicators of bruxism as well, which typically include damage to your tooth enamel. When you wake up every morning, look for signs that your tooth enamel is wearing down, or for any abnormal chips or cracks. Furthermore, if you notice strange markings or indentations on your tongue or of it feels as if you’ve been gnawing on your cheek tissues at night, bruxism may be to blame. If you are notice signs of bruxism, visit our to learn more about night guards.

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