Are There Foods That Can Actually Improve Your Oral Health?

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Did you know that there are foods that can improve your oral health? Did you know some minerals in foods can strengthen your tooth enamel and help prevent tooth decay and cavities? Even your mouth has natural defenses that can lower your risk for a variety of oral health ailments to ensure your teeth continue to function properly for the rest of your life.

Saliva is a natural process in your mouth in which a substance is created that will assist in washing away harmful debris and plaque buildup, as well as assist in neutralizing harmful acids on your teeth capable of causing dental erosion. To help assist your mouth in creating saliva, try crunchy, watery foods such as pears and apples, as well as chewing sugarless gum after meals.

If you are looking to protect your tooth enamel in other ways, try consuming foods high in minerals that enhance and re-mineralize your enamel. This includes products that are high in minerals like calcium and phosphorus, such as milk, nuts, cheeses, and many types of meats, specifically chicken.

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