A Quality Dental Guard Can Reduce Your Chances of Suffering Bruxism Complications

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Unresolved stress can sometimes cause you to unconsciously grind your teeth while you sleep. This condition, which is known as bruxism, can pose several different threats to your overall oral health.

The unnatural tension applied to the biting surfaces of your teeth can cause chips and dental fractures. These damaged areas might cause heightened sensitivity in the tooth and could even come to foster a severe cavity.

As time goes on, the muscular tension caused by bruxism can cause inflammation in the temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw. The chronic ache and complications of TMJ disorder can have a significant impact on your oral function and quality of life.

One way to prevent these problems is to sleep at night with a dental guard in your mouth. This is a soft, plastic mouthpiece that cushions the biting surfaces of your teeth while also allowing for a slight amount of natural slip. This can help protect your teeth and preserve the health of your temporomandibular joints.

If the dental guards sold in stores feel loose or uncomfortable, you might want to consult with Drs. Rahman and Johnson about a custom dental guard. This soft plastic mouthpiece that they can custom fit to match the unique shape of your mouth for maximum comfort.

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